What Difference Does It Make?


The tomb is still empty. Jesus is alive. So. What? Many of us wrestle with the question of the difference it should make in our lives today that some guy rose from the grave 2,000 years ago. If Jesus did not actually rise from the dead, then it makes no difference. If he did, then the difference it could make in our lives is up to us.

Jesus either rose from the grave or he didn’t. He didn’t leave a lot of room for debate on whether he claimed he would or not. So, if he didn’t, then he was a crazy man. If he did, which I believe is what happened, then it should probably make some difference in our lives today. How much of a difference? Well, I think that is up to you and me.

Choosing to follow Jesus could (and should) make a significant difference in our lives. Not just because we can experience the promise of being made new, the chance of starting over, and experiencing a grace that is not ours to deserve but also because it changes the way we talk, how we think about others, our ability to resist temptations, our practice of patience, and putting our faith into action, among other things.

Jesus promises to make a difference in our lives today, if or how much is up to you and me.