It’s just been in the past few weeks that I’ve realized something and for that, I need to apologize. It has just recently become quite apparent to me that 2016 has been an incredibly difficult year for a number of individuals. Many of you and/or individuals you know, are not tracking the days until Christmas but instead are counting down the days until this year walks out the door.

In this season of anticipation and expectation, as we anticipate the new beginning a new year brings, may we also remember the promise of being made a new creation through the One who chose to become like us. Whose birth in us daily gives life to hope, peace, joy, and love. Whose presence can overshadow even our darkest fears, biggest doubts, and deepest shame.

As we journey toward the manger and a new year, may we find ourselves walking in the shadow of the One who is able to make all things new, even us.

Merry Christmas!